Join us Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at the Double Tree at Reid Park to work towards a better future for our children. Your support will build a future where parents have the the tools, skills, and support to raise resilient, thriving children. Where childcare professionals are educated, compassionate, and prepared to teach the youngest members of our community. A future where children play and dream big. Where they are happy and healthy. Join us in building that future and celebrating Champions who are working today for that bright tomorrow!

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Martha K. Rothman Lifetime Achievement Award

This individual or group has a long history of diligently championing the issues of children and families. They have had a significant impact with far-reaching results, and have successfully made today a better place for Arizona children.

Champion for Children & Families Award

This individual or group has been an inspiration in their work for a better world for children and their families. Their creative, hands-on, efforts have spanned many years. They have brought about a positive change in the lives of Arizona children.

Gabe Zimmerman Emerging Champion Award

This individual or group has emerged as an up and coming community champion for children and families. They are inspirational, compassionate, and innovative in their efforts to make our community a better place for children and families.

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Champions for Children & Families is our annual premiere fundraiser to raise awareness and support for the programs and outreach needed in our communities. This special event brings together advocates who are passionate about helping children in our community, and honors leaders who have made a significant impact on the well-being of children and families through our Champions for Children & Families Awards.