Being a teen parent comes with unique challenges -- join us for programs that connect you to other parents like you, and support you pursuing your dreams


(Maricopa Center for Adolescent Parents)

You may finally discover the best fit for you and your family! Open to young parents ages 16-23, MCAP is a comprehensive program providing High School Equivalency preparation, parenting education, and life skills. Earn your High School Equivalency while your child is cared for at our free, accredited, and four-star rated, on-site Early Learning Center, housed in the same building as the MCAP program. 

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  • Parents 16-21 years old living in Maricopa County, Arizona

  • Child or children under 3 years


All genders


Free to students, accredited, and four-star rated, on-site Early Learning Center


Call (602) 234-3941


Be Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective!

Being a teen parent comes with a lot of unique challenges—but you are up for the challenge! You’re taking on a big responsibility. Our program will give you tools to continue being a responsible parent. The program will cover sexual health, including preventing unplanned pregnancies, avoiding STIs, and forms of birth control. You will also focus on communication, goal setting, and other tools that will help you build healthy relationships. You can build a great future for you and your child!  


Teen mothers ages 12-19, living in Pima County




Call (520) 881-8940