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Arizona Self-Study Project

The Arizona Self-Study Project (ASSP) is an exciting statewide project for early care and education programs committed to improving the quality of care for Arizona's children. ASSP assists programs to integrate quality developmentally appropriate practices in a model that meets the needs of all children.

Through the ASSP, each early care and education program evaluates its strengths and areas needing improvement using self-study materials. Each program identifies areas of change and creates specific program goals based on the results of their self-evaluation. The ASSP is funded by the Arizona Department of Economic Security Child Care Administration.


Apache, Coconino, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Yavapai, and Yuma Counties

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Call (520) 320-4036 or email Senior Program Director

Resources & Support

Child Care Food Program (CACFP)

Do you take care of children in your home? You can receive extra money for nutritious meals and snacks served to children you care for, including your own children. Providers may be reimbursed for two meals and one snack or one meal and two snacks per day per eligible participant. Learn about creating healthy, fun snacks for children in your care. 


Certified Department of Economic Security (DES) home, Department of Health Services (DHS) certified group home, alternate approved private home, or tribally certified in Pima, Yuma, Cochise, Santa Cruz, Maricopa, Pinal, Mohave or La Paz County

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Tucson - (520) 321-3760
All other counties - 1-800-941-3088

Quality First

Quality First is a voluntary coaching and rating system for childcare centers and homes. You can partner with a coach to raise the quality of services of your home or center. Coaching will focus key components of quality early care, including adult-child interactions, learning environments and staff qualifications. Coaches can conduct on-site customized trainings and provide coaching on how to implement best practices for children in your care. Based on assessment scores each program is given a Quality First Star Rating, ranging from 1 to 5 stars.


Certified family childcare homes, licensed group homes and centers, and home or centers regulated by tribal or military authority 

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Child Care Resource & Referral - ARIZONA

We are the premier site for families seeking child care in Arizona, and the best place for you to list your business. We can provide listing on the referral database, referrals to your business/program, help with business, care, and regulatory questions, and information about trainings and workshops..


Available to all childcare providers throughout Arizona

Technical Assistance

SEEDS - Statewide Enrichment & Educational Development System

The SEEDS program provides professional development opportunities and technical assistance for center and home-based childcare providers throughout the state of Arizona. Technical assistance is offered to assist providers each year, teaching them how to offer responsive care-giving to each child, partner effectively with the parents of the children they care for, and most importantly, ensure that the environment is suitable for the healthy physical, social, and emotional growth of the children. Technical assistance offered at no cost to participants.

  • Childcare providers who hold current Registration Agreements with the CCA
  • Child Care and Child Care Providers that attended the ADES-funded trainings
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Arizona Infant/Toddler Institute (AITI)

AITI provides support and resources to childcare centers or home based providers. Our Early Education Specialists are trained to provide assistance to support providers new to the childcare field, providers with many years experience, center directors, and center owners. Technical assistance offered at no cost to participants.

  • Childcare providers working with children birth to age three
  • Working in a DES-certified center, group home or family child care
  • Attended at least one AITI session within the contract year
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Email AITI or call 1-877-733-1270

Professional Development

We offer childcare training and support programs to childcare providers throughout Arizona. These services includes workshops, technical assistance, and the latest research on how best to care, nurture and support the positive growth and development of young children. 

Please visit our Professional Development Workshops page to find out about workshops offered by AITI, SEEDS, Project Best, and CCR&R.