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Blue Pinwheels and tagline: Prevent Child Abuse. Help us continue to build strong communities.


Why is Child & Family Resources invested in highlighting this Child Abuse Prevention Month?

Some statistics: Child Abuse in Arizona (2022 report)1

  • There were a reported 9954 child victims of abuse in 2020; that’s every 6 out of 1,000 children in Arizona. This is a 23% decrease since 2016, thanks to programs like Healthy Families, Prevention Programs for Youth and other resources available through CFR.
  • Of all the child victims in Arizona, 88% of abusers were biological parents.
  • 452 Arizona infants were exposed to harmful substances prenatally.
  • There were a reported 22,258 children in the Arizona foster care system.
  • 2,905 children were adopted, with an astonishing 3,643 still waiting to be adopted.
  • Children in foster care waited approximately 26.3 months to be adopted – that’s more that 2 years!
  • 438,000 children are currently living in poverty; that’s 27% of children in Arizona
  • 288,950 of Arizona’s children experience struggles with food stability and hunger


What can you do to help Arizona’s children blossom and thrive?
  • Use our toolkit for social media to amplify the conversation surrounding Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to Child & Family Resources at any point during the year. We are an Arizona non-profit, and your dollars go to funding programs, supplies and help for everyday families.
  • Shop and purchase your official Blue Shirt today! Your dollars go toward child abuse prevention methods and programming.
  • Wear and Share your Blue Shirt on Wear Blue Day on Friday, April 19.
  • Like and Follow us on social media for more resources, connections and community all year long!
  • Plant a Pinwheel in your yard to signify that you stand against child abuse and stand with Child & Family Resources.
  • Read about our Champions for Children Award winners of 2024!
  • Join us for our Program Round-Up on September 28 at the Children’s Museum Tucson!

We build strong communities where children can reach their full potential