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Parents As Teachers Home Visitation Program

Parents as Teachers Home Visitation Program is a free and voluntary program designed to teach you to use key information about early childhood development to help your child succeed.

Using curriculum from Parents as Teachers, our educators will help you gain positive parenting techniques and increase your child’s school readiness and success. Let us help you map a course to a healthy, happy child and a great life for your family! Pregnancy and parenting are new adventures that don’t come with directions. We’re here to help so sign up or call now!

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Referral Form

Maricopa County: 602-688-5515

This program is for parents who are expecting or parenting a child age birth to 4 years of age and who live in the service areas of La Paz, Mohave and Maricopa Counties. The program is provided at no cost to families. There are no income or insurance requirements to apply.

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Great Care, Just Around the Corner (and in Your Home)

Available in select areas of La Paz, Mohave, and Maricopa Counties. Please call or email for specific eligibility.

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