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Prevention Is Key to a Healthy, Happy Life

Prevention Programs for Youth are free and voluntary programs designed to teach parents, guardians, caregivers and youth how to navigate the world in a safe and healthy way. This is provided through a series of programs for ages 5 – adulthood. These programs include Prevention Programs for Youth, Substance Misuse PreventionPrograms, Sexual Risk Avoidance Education and our brand-new Youth Mentoring Program.

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We’ve Organized a Variety of Programs

Our team runs all kinds of programs to better equip Arizona communities to live happily and healthily. Whether you need support educating your child about the dangers of drugs or you want to learn more about active parenting, we have resources for you. Clients of Child & Family Resources are invited to be a part of the following programs:

Substance Misuse Education & Prevention

Active Parenting Now

Active Parenting Now is for parents of children 5-12 years old. This program focuses on active parenting, cooperation and communication, responsibility, discipline, building courage, and self-esteem. Parents working in this program will learn to understand and redirect misbehavior and learn the skills of active parenting for school success. The overall goal of Active Parenting Now is to help parents prevent substance abuse by their children. Contact Dannyell Harris
This program is not currently available, but is featured in Pima County as a part of the Parent’s Commission grant and can be offered for a fee in other locations.

Too Good for Drugs

The Too Good Program is a substance abuse prevention curriculum for grades 3 to 5. Through this workshop students will focus on setting reachable goals, making responsible decisions, identifying and managing emotions, communicating effectively and resisting peer pressure. Through age-appropriate content, the program aims to give students the skills needed to help prevent substance abuse. Contact Dannyell Harris
This program is not currently offered. To learn about similar programs, please Contact Dannyell Harris

Marana Prevention Alliance (MPA)

Marana Prevention Alliance (MPA) holds a main focus of reducing substance use and misuse within our Arizona communities. The MPA works to train local partners (like Child & Family Resources) in evidence-based prevention practices, educate community members and youth, change local policies, and implement sustainable practices using the Strategic Prevention Framework model.
Too Good for Drugs and Thrive Education are curricula within the MPA Program, offered to elementary and middle school students. Contact
Dianna Bonneau

Trauma-Informed Substance Abuse Prevention Program (TISAPP)

Addresses opioid and prescription drug misuse by offering free Rx 360 Substance Misuse and Naloxone trainings for parents and community members. Education on ways to protect youth against prescription drug misuse, why youth misuse prescription drugs, and what steps parents can take to protect their youth. These trainings come with free medication locking bags, Deterra deactivation kits, and a box of nasal spray Narcan for those interested. Stay tuned for our bi-annual screening of HBO’s documentary Warning: This Drug May Kill You which highlights the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic in the U.S. For more information contact Erin Yager-DeConcini

Building Thriving Communities

Reduce substance misuse in youth in South Tucson, Arizona. Free workshops for 4th-6th grade students and their families. Prevention workshops for alcohol, cannabis, prescription drug, and fentanyl workshops for youth and parents in both English and Spanish. Contact Dianna Bonneau

Empowering Families

The Empowering Families program will serve parents/caregivers of youth up to 16 years old and youth up to 18 years old. (Triple P stops at age 16, but youth can attend prevention workshops and participate in our Youth Advisory Council until age 18).

Our overall goal is to enhance parental involvement and increase education about the serious risks and public health problems caused by the use/misuse of alcohol and controlled substances throughout Pima County. We also aim to identify and address the root cause of substance use/misuse and prevent teen self-medication among youth by providing families with the tools needed to understand and support emotional/psychological challenges. Program staff will facilitate evidenced based curricula, Triple P Parenting to parents/caregivers, host prevention planning workshops (ie; trauma informed care, RX360, App Chat), attend community events to share prevention resources throughout the county and recruit youth for our CFR Youth Advisory Council.

Triple P is one of the most effective evidenced based parenting programs in the world, backed up by more than 35 years of ongoing research. Triple P gives parents/caregivers simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behavior and prevent problems developing. Triple P allows parents/caregivers to choose their own goals according to their own beliefs and values while using a suite of interventions that include parenting strategies to help achieve those goals (Triple P, 2022).

We will offer Level 2 and 3 of the Triple P Parenting program:
Primary Care (ages 0-12)
Teen Triple P (ages 12-16)

Level 2-Triple P Selected Seminar Series: an introduction to the strategies of positive parenting with three 90-minute seminars (Power of Positive Parenting; Raising Confident, Competent Children; and Raising Resilient Children).

Teen Triple P: (Raising Responsible Teenagers; Raising Competent Teenagers; and Getting Teenagers Connected).

Level 3-Primary Care Triple P and Teen Triple P: Brief face-to-face/telephone interventions, approximately four individual 15-30 minute consultations for parents/caregivers of youth birth-16.

Level 3-Triple P Discussion Groups: Two-hour small group sessions, targeting a specific problem behavior or issue. Each discussion group can be taken as a stand-alone session or part of a series.

(Dealing with disobedience; Managing fighting and aggression; Developing good bedtime routines; Hassle-free shopping with children, and Hassle-free mealtimes with children)

Teen Triple P: (Coping with teenagers' emotions; Reducing family conflict; Getting teenagers to cooperate; and Building teenagers' survival skills). Contact Dannyell Harris

Sexual Health Education

Guy Talk

Guy Talk is an free evidence-based program where male-identified youth in high school learn about healthy masculinity, sexual and reproductive health, and healthy relationships while playing games and winning prizes! Contact Ariel Sabori

Go Grrrls

This workshop is geared toward female identified girls in grades six through eight and focuses on numerous topics such as pregnancy prevention, making healthy choices, sound decisionmaking, positive self-esteem and healthy relationships all while playing games and earning prizes. Contact Jenny Cox

Empowering Youth Program

Empowering Youth is a free evidence-based program for youth ages 12-19. Our curriculum “Love Notes” is comprehensive relationship education, covering topics such as healthy relationships, communication, boundaries, goal setting, and avoiding risks of sexual activity. Contact Angela Krause

Youth Mentorship


Youth Mentoring Program

The Youth Mentoring Program provides mentoring services to Department of Child Safety (DCS) referred youth between the ages of 8-17 that reside in Arizona. The program aims to connect DCS involved youth with a mentor that will support them through the significant changes they are experiencing in their everyday life, while also helping the youth see and reach their full potential with the help of positive role models. Contact Dannyell Harris
We are not currently accepting mentors, but volunteering opportunities are available within Prevention Programs for Youth.

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