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Register to vote by scanning the QR code or clicking here.

Primary elections are a way for political parties to narrow the field of candidates ahead of a general election. Voter turnout is usually not as strong as it is in a general election,
which is unfortunate, as it can mean that qualified new candidates don’t make it through to the next step simply because people don’t show up to vote!

States can run their primary elections in a number of ways. In “closed” primaries, like Arizona, you have to be registered to a political party in order to vote or, if you’re an independent voter, you can request a primary ballot. In “open” primaries, anyone can vote.

2022 is a midterm election year, which means that it’s an opportunity to vote in new local, state and federal elected officials during the current president’s term. The 2022 midterm election is on November 8th, and each state holds their primaries at different times.

Arizona’s primary election for the 2022 midterms takes place Tuesday, August 2. The deadline to register for the primary was July 5th; and the deadline to request a ballot-by-mail for the primary was July 22nd.

If you’re registered, I hope you’re able to get out and vote! And if you missed the deadlines, that’s OK – it may be too late for you to vote in the primary, but let’s work together to make sure that our team and our clients are ready to vote in November!

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