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This article, written by Phyllis Richards and Jerica Broeckling, talks about how we are finding ourselves at a “pivotal moment in the fight to advance equity and systemic change towards racial justice in the US. The Supreme Court’s decision last year on affirmative action dealt a significant blow to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

They state, “For those of us who work in support of helping individuals and organizations shift their thinking and their work practices to embrace multicultural and antiracist practices, this time feels momentous. ”

While some organizations are faltering when it comes to these social issues, only responding but not truly digesting the changes that need to be made, there are others who are committed to EDI and making shared investments for longer term impact! We must continue to make the changes that will lead to new ways of thinking, and we are just getting started. But progress cannot be made without the help of many more. Teaching people that there can be a change made with large quantities helps everyone increase their impact. Being united in these beliefs will allow us to create “environments where people can be fully themselves, and where they have the tools to build bridges across cultural differences.”  “Diverse spaces matter; proximity is important for people of all backgrounds and identities to learn about life experiences different from their own. Regardless of the latest legal setback, we need to stay committed to ensuring that our schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces have a diversity of ideas, perspectives, and experiences.”

“The bottom line: our equity journey is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and one that we should all embrace as we seek to improve our social sector, our communities, and the people we engage with across our nation.”

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