Corner Office: Healthy Families Celebrates 25 Years

(L to R): Kate Whitaker, National Healthy Family America; Pauline Pauline Haas-Vaughn, Child & Family Resources Statewide Program Director for Healthy Families; and Esthela Navarro, Great Kids, Inc. 

(L to R): Kate Whitaker, National Healthy Family America; Pauline Pauline Haas-Vaughn, Child & Family Resources Statewide Program Director for Healthy Families; and Esthela Navarro, Great Kids, Inc. 

25 years ago, Arizona became a pioneer, and for once, led the nation in doing something innovative! We became one of the first states on the mainland to implement Healthy Families, a now proven, and then promising program that promotes healthy child development, and prevents child abuse and neglect.

Thanks to the leadership of advocates, including Child & Family Resources staff (then known as Tucson Association for Child Care), the first Healthy Families teams began in Tucson and Prescott. Recently, the several hundred Healthy Families coaches, supervisors, administrators along with state government officials, gathered in Phoenix to celebrate this silver anniversary.

The Healthy Families model is a type of home visitation service. In essence, trained coaches provide mentoring and support to interested young mothers and fathers, at no cost, and in the couple’s own home. These counselors visit periodically (more at first and then scale back as per need and parental request), and use an established research proven method to build trust and then help parents gain confidence and skills. For a fraction of the cost of foster care, or residential care – the frequent result of children being removed from their homes – we can prevent child maltreatment and promote children’s success.

Child & Family Resources is one of the two largest providers of Healthy Families in Arizona. Providing these kinds of cost effective interventions to parents of infants and young children is one of the smartest ways to ensure our mission of building strong communities where children can reach their full potential.

Employees from across the state gathered on Tuesday, September 27th to celebrate  of the work Arizona has done for children and families. Here's to many more years to come! 

Eric Schinder, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Since 2005, Dr. Eric Schindler has been the President and Chief Executive Officer  for Child & Family Resources, Inc.  Dr. Schindler received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Arizona in 1982. After internship training in child and family psychology at U.C. Davis, and postdoctoral training in pediatric psychology in Chicago, he has spent over 30 years working in Tucson community settings as an administrator, director, teacher and practitioner.  A licensed psychologist since 1984, he also served as an adjunct instructor in Family Studies at the University of Arizona for many years. 

Previously, Dr. Schindler served for nine years as the Director of Clinical Services for La Frontera Center, Inc., a comprehensive community behavioral healthcare organization, where he was also the Director of Training for the APA approved Southern Arizona Psychology Internship Consortium. He maintained a  private practice in psychotherapy for 20 years prior to assuming the leadership of Child & Family Resources.

Congratulations, Graduates

Across the state, we're celebrating the hard work of families in our Healthy Families program. 

Healthy Families Arizona is an accredited, nationally recognized home visitation program. It is a free and voluntary program designed to provide child development information, parenting skills and family enhancement weekly in families in their homes during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

The home visitors, known as Family Support Specialists, are caring, skilled and knowledgeable. They are dedicated to serving families and are experts in creating relationships that promote confidence and personal growth. 

We focus on the power of parenting to enhance the lives of children and their families.

When our families graduate out of the program, somewhere around 3 years old, we celebrate the foundation work the family has done to prepare their child for life-long success. Please enjoy the great celebrations from across the state! 

Pinal County 

Pinal County celebrated 9 families this year! 

Pima County 

Pima County celebrated 28 families! They worked hard for many years; we're proud of the good work they've done. 

Families work very hard for years. Congrats to them, their hard work, and the staff who have made such a difference!

Don't just take our word for it -- enjoy this short video where families share their experiences with Healthy Families.