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Champion for Children & Families Award Winner

CASA of Pima County, the second county in the nation to adopt the Court Appointed Special Advocate program, serves as an unwavering force in the realm of child advocacy, earning recognition as the esteemed recipient of the 2024 Champions for Children Award.  

For over 45 years, CASA of Pima County has been a vital presence in the lives of vulnerable children. Since its inception, over 4,500 volunteer advocates have served over 7,200 children in Pima County. The volunteer advocates of the CASA Program are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, working tirelessly to advocate for and uplift the children they serve. CASA Program staff are inspired daily by the volunteer advocates and how they give themselves to the children they are appointed to serve. Together, staff and volunteer advocates continually work to create a program that provides advocacy and support to children throughout the community. 

Many things have changed over the last 45 years within the Pima County Juvenile Court. One constant that has remained is the community members who come forward and volunteer their time to advocate for abused and neglected children so that they have a safe, permanent, and nurturing environment where they can thrive. Court Appointed Special Advocates not only advocate for the children they are appointed to but also build lasting relationships with them that often work to support the child throughout their life.  

Today, the CASA Program continues to strive to ensure every child involved in a dependency is seen and heard. The CASA Program is serving 10% of foster children in our community and is always recruiting community members to become Court Appointed Special Advocates. The CASA Program collaborates with several community agencies to provide unique opportunities for CASAs and children. CASAs are also provided opportunities to engage in trainings regarding the challenges foster children face so that they are further empowered as advocates. We invite you to visit or call 520-724-2060 for more information about our program.  

In bestowing the Champions for Children Award upon CASA of Pima County, we honor an organization that exemplifies the true essence of advocacy, positively influencing the lives of children, and embodying the spirit of Child Abuse Prevention Month. Congratulations to CASA of Pima County for their dedication, compassion, and transformative impact on the well-being of children in our community. 


Call For Nominations & Award Ceremony

Award Winners have been selected for 2024. Please email for more information regarding future nominees.

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