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Champion for Children & Families Award Winner

Introducing Bonnie Bazata, our esteemed awardee for this year’s Champions for Children Award, recognizing her outstanding efforts in the community. We are pleased to award Ms. Bazata’s efforts during this Child Abuse Prevention Month and commend her dedication to addressing the intricate web of poverty and creating a brighter future for children in our community. 

As the Ending Poverty Now Program Manager for Pima County, Bonnie has been a driving force behind the 2015 initiative incorporated into the County’s economic development plan. Her leadership in the Prosperity Initiative, a County-wide endeavor aimed at developing policies to reduce generational poverty, showcases her unwavering commitment to building resources and assets for low-income families. Beyond her role as the Ending Poverty Now Program Manager for Pima County, Bonnie has played a pivotal role in the MAMA (Mothers in Arizona Moving Ahead) program, furthering her commitment to uplifting our community’s prosperity. While the program is currently suspended due to funding constraints, its impact remains palpable. The MAMA project, a collaborative effort to empower mothers in poverty, involves engaging nonprofit partners and the wider community to provide support in building financial stability, emotional wellness, and physical well-being. 

With an MA from the University of Arizona, a teaching certificate from Prescott College, and a BA from Antioch College, where she was a Watson Fellow, Bonnie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role. Her extensive background in working with culturally and economically diverse communities underscores her ability to navigate and address the multifaceted challenges associated with poverty. 

In honoring Bonnie Bazata, we celebrate not only her professional achievements but also her compassionate commitment to creating a community where children can thrive. Her impact resonates far beyond statistics and reports, as she contributes to shaping a future where every child can break free and look forward to a brighter future. Congratulations to Bonnie Bazata, an exceptional Champion for Children and a driving force for positive change in our community. 


Call For Nominations & Award Ceremony

Award Winners have been selected for 2024. Please email for more information regarding future nominees.

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