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Network to Build Innovative Resources in Support of Quality Early Childcare

Tucson, Arizona – Michelle Saint Hilarie, the Senior Statewide Program Director of Child Care Resource and Referral – Arizona (CCR&R), operated by Child & Family Resources, was selected this past July to join OpenIDEO’s new Early Childhood Innovation Network. As a founding member of this network, Saint Hilarie will help guide the development and direction of this new resource.

Saint Hilarie was chosen for this honor because she distinguished herself as a leader during the selection process. OpenIDEO, the social impact platform behind the Early Childhood Innovation Network, is working to assemble a hand-selected group of innovators, experts and funders. With over a decade of service at CFR, Saint Hilarie has played a key role in the growth of several of the organization’s programs. She is currently responsible for the management of CCR&R, a statewide program of CFR, which provides consumer education, information and resources to families, providers and the community about child care. CCR&R acts as the bridge between parents, providers, community leaders, and policymakers about anything related to child care in Arizona.   

OpenIDEO is a social impact platform that connects people from all corners of the world to work collaboratively to tackle some of the toughest global issues. Their open innovation model is designed to help people worldwide break barriers, find support and iterate on the ideas of many to create real change. Congratulations to Michelle on this unique honor – keep an eye out for updates as she explores this new opportunity! 

Child Care Resource and Referral is a FREE statewide program in Arizona that helps families find high-quality child care to fit their family’s unique needs. Call toll-free 1-800-308-9000 or direct (520) 325-5778. Visit CCR&R to learn more.

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