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Mother kissing her son

Christina, a young mother of two, had a rough upbringing and wanted better for her children. Christina spent her childhood in a home where one of the parents abused alcohol, and she witnessed domestic violence between her parents. Unfortunately this was not Christina’s only experience with domestic violence.

Christina left her parents’ home when she was 17 years old because she fell in love, and became pregnant. Her partner mistreated her, and Christina became a victim of violence from the father of her first child. Christina shared that her son’s first year was full of toxic stress and domestic violence. Christina could see how stress had impacted her son’s development and knew she needed help.

Christina reached out to Healthy Families for assistance. Christina’s Family Support Specialist was able to be there for Christina, and together they were able to request an evaluation to support her son to overcome the impact of his rough first year.

Christina recently shared that her current relationship is domestic violence free and little by little she is able to recognize how her son is benefiting from a more nurturing environment. Christina has since had a daughter with her new partner, who is a year old, she is developing accordingly, and is very loving and caring.

Our Healthy Families program is here to provide free, in-home support and education on how to become the best parent you can be. With locations all over the state of Arizona, we are easy to access! Please visit Healthy Families for more information.

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