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Shelby, a dedicated Family Support Specialist at Child & Family Resources (CFR), embarked on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth. She navigated challenges with resilience; learning self-help and coping skills during CFR’s comprehensive training programs.

Facing personal struggles, Shelby found solace in her work, providing support to families while keeping her battles private. Reflecting on the impact of CFR’s training, she shared, “The training offered continuous hope, enabling me to cope with difficult days.” She added, “Coming into the office every morning and feeling so welcomed and appreciated every day has immensely helped me cope and shine a light on the hard days.”

Shelby’s ability to provide mental health information and coping skills to families became a reciprocal source of support. Unbeknownst to her coworkers, she found comfort in the cheerful and supportive office atmosphere. Sharing her experience, Shelby expressed, “The positive impact on families in my caseload has given me a profound sense of purpose in my work.”


During weekly coaching and supervisory meetings, Shelby discussed opportunities and challenges, gaining valuable insights. She learned to de-compartmentalize and practice self-regulation, skills that were challenging before joining CFR. Reflecting on this growth, she stated, “Weekly supervision provided me with a space to discuss opportunities and challenges, contributing to my personal and professional development.”

Expressing gratitude for the opportunities that blossomed in her time at CFR, Shelby highlighted lessons learned from the curriculum, including identifying red flags in relationships and understanding recovery. Her journey at CFR helped her be capable of giving herself grace and looking at the brighter side of things.

As she continued her career at CFR, Shelby embraced a new sense of self, crediting the organization for providing knowledge and insight into herself and the world. Her story stands as a testament to the support found in the workplace, the impact of meaningful work, and the resilience that leads to light at the end of the tunnel.

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