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In the face of adversity, the Morales family’s story with Child & Family Resources (CFR) paints a vivid picture of resilience and hope, showcasing the transformative power of community support.

The Morales family, led by patriarch Jose Morales, embarked on a challenging journey, fleeing their home country to seek safety and a better life in the United States. Their arduous trek, marked by hardships and dangers, left an indelible mark on their lives. Amidst the struggles, they received news that added both joy and complexity to their situation—Jose’s wife, Gabriela, discovered she was pregnant.

Upon reaching the U.S., the Morales’ faced significant challenges. With no work, limited financial resources, and only emergency AHCCCS coverage, they found themselves living in close quarters with four other families. Undeterred by these hardships, the family remained steadfast in their determination to create a secure and promising future for their growing family.

To support his family during this critical time, Jose made a difficult decision—he traveled to another state to find employment while awaiting asylum approval. This separation left Gabriela Morales alone with their newborn, struggling with a language barrier and a lack of knowledge about available support and emergency services.

Enter CFR’s dedicated Family Support Specialist (FSS), a lifeline for Gabriela. Through weekly visits, the FSS provided 1.5 hours of emotional support, guidance, and practical assistance. In the absence of familiar faces, the FSS became a consistent anchor in Gabriela’s life, offering vital support during Jose’s absence. Trust blossomed, creating a crucial connection between CFR and the Morales family.

The FSS addressed immediate needs, supplying diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, and crucial information about emergency medical services. Gabriela, now equipped with essential knowledge, learned how to seek medical help and received assistance in obtaining a cell phone and three months of free coverage, along with internet access through community collaborations.

With CFR’s unwavering support, the Morales family eventually moved to another state. There, they found refuge with a sponsoring family while awaiting Jose’s work permit. Their journey underscores the profound impact of comprehensive support, compassion, and a community rallying around those in need.

As part of CFR’s commitment to strengthening families, the Healthy Families program played a pivotal role in the Morales family’s story, offering a tailored and holistic approach to family well-being. This program exemplifies CFR’s dedication to providing resources and support that empower families to overcome challenges and thrive. In the realm of family support, CFR continues to be a beacon of hope, guiding families like the Moraleses through adversity and lighting the way toward brighter, more stable futures.

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