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Students gather to plan, celebrate, empower and learn at our annual Teen Institute. Representing Canyon Del Oro, Cienega, Desert View, Flowing Wells, Palo Verde, Pueblo, Sunnyside, and Tucson High, as well as Apollo Middle School, youth spent six days at the University of Arizona, with ten caring and dedicated adults, mapping out projects for the coming year, learning about themselves, learning about others, making friends, and making memories.

That’s 83 students consuming 2,500 snacks, walking 8.2 miles each day, climbing 16 flights of stairs, 86 hours of work in a week, and building immeasurable power and connections in life.

YES is an initiative in Pima County over the past twelve years that mobilizes the power of youth to create conditions for success in schools and communities. YES involves teams from area high schools in a leadership effort that benefits schools and neighborhoods by raising youth voices in messages about community, healthy living, achievement, and striving for an alcohol and drug-free teen life.

Teams returning in the new school year 2015-2016 to put their new knowledge and skills into practice by working to increase the sense of connectedness among students and staff at their schools and integrating a youth voice into community efforts with established area coalitions.

Learn more about YES, visit YES on our Teen Page.

Collaborating partners: Civil Operations Army National Guard, CODAC Behavioral Health Services, Dairy Queen, Tucson, Midvale location, University of Arizona, Beat 33- DJ Carlos Zeta

Participating local coalitions: LPKNC, Amistades Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, 4R Community Alliance

Funding by: Community Partnership of Southern Arizona under a grant from the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

We build strong communities where children can reach their full potential