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When Vanessa enrolled in Healthy Families, she was unexpectedly pregnant. She was very nervous and overwhelmed thinking about being a single mom with no parenting experience. Finances were also a source of stress. Vanessa was unsure how to prepare for her new life with a baby girl.

Vanessa’s Family Support Specialist (FSS), Emily, worked hard to be consistent and build a strong, trusting relationship with her. Emily supported Vanessa and her baby by sharing developmental curriculum to help guide them through her daughter’s developmental expectations. Emily helped Vanessa write her goals, which included going back to school and looking at places to volunteer in the community. Together they looked to expand Vanessa’s social supports and fulfill her desire to give back to the community.

In the past year, Vanessa has gotten her driver’s license and obtained a car. She recently got a promotion at work and moved from an apartment to a bigger home that better fit the needs of her family. Vanessa’s baby girl is also meeting all her developmental milestones.

Emily enjoyed taking the time to share in Vanessa’s joys and celebrate her accomplishments. Emily helped Vanessa see the positive things that Vanessa was doing to support her confidence in herself and in her parenting. Today Vanessa’s self-confidence has improved. She now feels empowered in her parenting and is determined to continue to work on her goal of going back to school.

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