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Register to vote by scanning the QR code or clicking here.

“Voter suppression” is a phrase to describe recent efforts to make sure that everyday people find it so complicated to vote that they don’t. That is not democracy.

Especially when the barriers to voting require more energy and time that we all know our clients don’t have – we understand firsthand that they are too focused on day to day challenges and taking care of their families.

That is why voter registration work is so important, and why we are working with Register Her. These are just some examples of the obstacles that have been put in front of voters:

● It is now illegal in some states to provide food and water to people waiting in line at the polls.
● Seven states, including Arizona, have strict voter ID laws that require specific forms of photo identification that can be expensive or difficult to obtain, especially for those living in poverty, the elderly, people living in rural areas, and people with disabilities.
● During the 2020 election, Texas only had one drop off location per county for mail-in ballots, causing residents to travel long distances and or wait in massive lines in large cities like Houston and Dallas.
● On average, black voters are required to wait in line at polls for twice as long as white voters.

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