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Mom and son drawing together

Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) a program of Child & Family Resources works with childcare providers to ensure children in their care receive healthy and nutritious meals. CACFP works on site, directly with childcare providers and teaches them how to create healthy food options, these providers are then able to receive reimbursements for those healthy choices so they can continue their important work of taking care of children. The reimbursements allow the childcare provider to serve healthier food options without the worry of additional expenses.

One CACFP enrolled provider Glenda, was thinking of closing her childcare services for a few months when the lockdown started in March due to COVID. Glenda spoke with the parents of the children in her care and in the end, she decided to continue with her childcare open because a lot of the parents work at the hospitals and are considered “essential” employees. Glenda mentioned that she felt for the parents because they were working so hard at the hospitals that she wanted to help by watching their children so they could go to work. Glenda and each set of parents created a plan and routine set in place for when they dropped off and picked up their children from Glenda’s home. One example is a parent would head home after work, shower & sanitize their car before heading to pick up their child. This turned out to work really well for Glenda and the families she serves. This is just another example of a success and team effort put together by one of our programs and the clients they serve.

We build strong communities where children can reach their full potential