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Child & Family Resources (CFR) understands how difficult this unprecedented time maybe for some people. Thankfully, despite the continuing pandemic, CFR has been able to maintain services for the childcare providers, families, and teens we have the pleasure of serving.

Quality First (QF), a program of Child & Family Resources, works directly with childcare centers and homes to provide voluntary coaching for every center and home in order to raise and maintain quality services. Coaching focuses on key components of quality early care and allows for on-site customized training on how to implement best practices for the children in the center or homes’ care. Kim, one of our Quality First coaches recently shared how things have been going for the sites she’s working with during this challenging period.

Since March, Kim has been effectively meeting with sites via zoom or phone. Although some sites are closed, they are still using their time to work on professional development and make progress towards their goals. Other sites have used this time to directly work with their QF coach and staff, while others have struggled but been able to confide in Kim regarding their COVID-19 related fears and protocols.

Kim shared a recent success of creating new relationships with two sites she’s never met in person. Through zoom she was actually able to participate in a virtual tour of the sites and the rooms, along with meeting the staff. In addition, she successfully turned an in person training into a zoom training. Kim expressed the following about her work in recent months. “I love the relationships that have grown during this time. I was able to still be there when some were ready to return. Though visits look different, or have turned from two, 2 hour visits a month to four, 1 hour visits, most have been open and continue to strive and support our families in a time of need.”

Through your support Child & Family Resources is able to continue to provide essential resources, training, and care to these childcare centers. Your generosity makes a vast difference for children, families, and early educators. Thank you!

We build strong communities where children can reach their full potential