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Mother and kids using mobile phone

Recently, Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R), a program of Child & Family Resources was invited to become Vroom Ambassadors. Vroom is a free downloadable app for children 0-5 that focuses on foundational interactions by three science- based components including: positive adult/child relationships, back and forth interaction, and life skills that promote executive function. Vroom tips provides parents effective and easy ways to promote learning and brain development while bonding with their child.

CCR&R is now sharing Vroom through CCR&R’s child care line, at outreach events, and in person referral services. A single mother recently stopped by Child & Family Resources’ Phoenix office to get information about home visitation. During the conversation, the mother revealed she was on her way to an interview. The conversation turned to child care and the importance of having a child care plan. At the end of the conversation, the Child Care Specialist asked the client if she had her cell phone with her. Together they downloaded the Vroom app to her phone. The specialist reviewed some of the Vroom tips and showed her how to use the tools. She started to tear up and said, “Wow, I am already doing some of these things, it makes me feel like a good mom”. Vroom empowers and helps parents realize they are doing great things for their child’s development through simple interactions. She left for her interview and to the specialist surprise stopped back by the office later in the day to learn more about Vroom.

We build strong communities where children can reach their full potential