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Mother and son having quality time together

Healthy Families (HF), a program of Child & Family Resources, is helping children and families navigate through this challenging time. One family, in particular, stood out.

A young mom named Katelyn is currently working with a Family Support Specialist (FSS) with HF. She is very receptive to information and resources and always does an excellent job of putting the curriculum into practice. However, she is new to Tucson, is a first-time mom, is struggling to co-parent with dad, and doesn’t know many people here in Tucson. Katelyn’s main interactions with anyone else are when Rick, the child’s father picks up their baby Cameron for his scheduled time.

Katelyn had continued to mention that she and Cameron haven’t been feeling well and they have been practicing social distancing. Her FSS was able to provide Katelyn with a graph comparing symptoms for COVID-19 alongside the flu, the common cold, and seasonal allergies. Together they talked through her and Cameron’s symptoms and discussed what set them apart from the flu, cold, and allergies.

Her Family Support Specialist also went over information discussed COVID-19 symptoms discussed by the CDC and WHO to highlight the symptoms most concerning that Katelyn described: the dry cough and difficulty breathing. Katelyn was very resilient and tried contacting the state health department as well as her doctor and Cameron’s doctor to get seen. Her FSS was able to provide her with contact information for Banner Health to call and talk to a health care team member about symptoms and testing.

Katelyn called right away and was able to talk to a health care team member. Katelyn expressed feeling a lot less stressed because she was able to talk this all through and be given factual information and contact information. Katelyn expressed gratitude that she was able to do virtual visits during this time. Katelyn is just one of many families struggling during this pandemic. But through virtual visits and keeping things as consistent as possible Child & Family Resources has been able to help many families during this hard time. Your support enables Family Support Specialists to meet regularly with the families they assist and this has brought a lot of peace to the families.

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