Parent as Teacher Program has Lasting Effects on Family

Child and Family Resources’ Parents as Teachers program helps your child thrive and improve your overall family well-being through knowledge of your baby’s development and positive parenting techniques. Recently CFR’s Parents as Teachers program had the opportunity to work with a young lady named Sierra. Sierra was in the foster care system throughout her childhood and upon turning 18, she was expected to be independent. Unprepared and still so young, Sierra soon found herself running with the wrong crowd. In short order, Sierra found herself pregnant and in a bad situation.

Fast forward to 2019. Sierra is now the mother of two young children. She quickly recognized the need for help learning how to care for her children and a household. Wanting better for her children and her family, Sierra enrolled with Parents as Teachers. Due to her past experiences, Sierra has found it hard to trust people and was hesitant at first. However, through weekly home visits and dedicating the time, she has begun to open up and trust her CFR parent educator. They have developed a productive and valuable relationship, and week by week, Sierra continues to make progress. With her parent educator’s help, she has set goals and accomplished them for the benefit of herself and her entire family. With her growing confidence, Sierra has learned how to cook meals, clean the home, take care of her children, and do chores. She now has a schedule, sets weekly goals and is making plans for her future and her family. Through the Parents for Teachers program, Sierra is acquiring the tools for change and success.

Your support enables parents like Sierra to grow and thrive, and in turn for her children to do the same. Your support allows enables CFR to continue to provide these crucial services to the people of your community.

Thank you for supporting Child and Family Resources.